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ARTA NIGERIA LIMITED Commitment is to satisfy clients with reliable and safe structures, from architectural, bill of materials evaluation, site inspection and consolidation, excavation and site preparation, soil testing and validation, environmental considerations, actual foundation and steel works (including and reground systems developments of building superstructures, completion of civil works, from evaluation of electrical and mechanical drawing and bills of quantities to installation of the required facility from landscaping and full environmental development.

ARTA NIGERIA LIMITED has acquired good expertise and resources to accomplish any of the afore said projects:

ARTA NIGERIA LIMITED has highly qualified personnel with relevant experience in its field of specialization.

ARTA NIGERIA LIMITED has worked with leading construction and Oil firms in the world and also maintains all technical disciplines necessary to provide low cost, risk based infrastructure.

ARTA NIGERIA LIMITED range of services is based on strong technical support from all alliance companies. All supervisory personnel have studied at Universities and have acquired a number of university degrees. Field personnel undergo extensive local and overseas training and must maintain a required level of competency